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The Cherry Blossom Heel by Lucky Lou Shoes

Lucky Lou Shoes has to be the most unique vintage reproduction shoe company around. Inspired by the original souvenir shoes of World Word II which from a little bit of googling I found out was something the American GI’s bought back from the Philippines for their wives/girlfriends. Lucky […]

The Isabelle Toile de Jour Dress by Zoe Vine

Originating from 18th Century France after a nearly 70 year long ban on the production and importation on cotton, Toile de Jouy was created by textile worker Christophe-Phillipe Oberkampf and designer Jean Baptiste Huet. Toile prints were used to convey political messages, record historic events and of course popular […]

Powder Blue Miss Candyfloss

Growing up as a child, blue was always my favourite colour- I wore it whenever I had the chance and always dreamt of painting my bedroom wall blue. In recent years, I’ve discovered that I love ALL THE COLOURS and wear anything I think I can get away […]

The Carrie Dress by Miss Fortune

In recent months, I’ve developed a pretty serious love for tartans and plaids. There has been a abundance of them across a number of vintage reproduction brands in the northern hemisphere since it’s now their wintertime and I loved that the Carrie Dress by Miss Fortune would work […]

CurvyCouture Underskirt

Petticoats are for me, a essential part of a outfit if it’s a gathered or swing style. Earlier in the year I featured a comprehensive review of all the different types of petticoats I’ve tried and today I want to talk about the stiffened underskirt by CurvyCouture by […]

The Gingham Fatale Dress

I love the subtle sexiness of a off the shoulder style and the Fatale Dress from The Pretty Dress Company combines this with classic black and white gingham. Gingham is one of those patterns that stands the test of time and can so easily be dressed up or down depending […]