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Intergalatic for Erstwilder

Erstwilder have done it again! They’ve created a brand spanking new collection that had everyone chomping at the bit to see more when previewed last week. Well, Erstwilder Goes Galactic officially launched yesterday afternoon, much to the delight of vintage and space lovers alike. In fact, this collection came […]

Vera May LUXE

I’m like a magpie when it comes to handbags… give me sparkly, shiny, bright and beautiful all day every day! Luckily, handbags are one of those things that are a little easier to fit into the pinup style, even if they aren’t specifically targeted or promoted as being […]

Shazam Pin Up Hair Flowers

If I had to pick one thing out of my collection of clothing, shoes, jewellery etc as being the most visually satisfying… well, it would have to be my beautiful wall of hair flowers! I’ve been collecting them for years now and there’s nothing better than looking at […]