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Intergalatic for Erstwilder

Erstwilder have done it again! They’ve created a brand spanking new collection that had everyone chomping at the bit to see more when previewed last week. Well, Erstwilder Goes Galactic officially launched yesterday afternoon, much to the delight of vintage and space lovers alike. In fact, this collection came […]

Vera May LUXE

I’m like a magpie when it comes to handbags… give me sparkly, shiny, bright and beautiful all day every day! Luckily, handbags are one of those things that are a little easier to fit into the pinup style, even if they aren’t specifically targeted or promoted as being […]

Valentina Fascinator by White Purls

I have a real love affair with fascinators, especially ones with a veil. When putting together a outfit, usually I want my hair to be a main feature and anything I put on my head I want to compliment the hairstyle- not completely cover it up. The Valentina […]

The Cristofoli Emily Shoes from Shoe Fun

I have a little bit of a obsession with finding new shoe brands that are vintage inspired or work well with the style without being necessarily ‘vintage’. Usually what I’m looking for is shoes with a medium, chunkier heel than the modern day stilettos, little embellishments like bows […]

Shazam Pin Up Hair Flowers

If I had to pick one thing out of my collection of clothing, shoes, jewellery etc as being the most visually satisfying… well, it would have to be my beautiful wall of hair flowers! I’ve been collecting them for years now and there’s nothing better than looking at […]

Pinup Picnic with Erstwilder

You guys, Erstwilder has done it again! They never fail to deliver the CUTEST themed collections and oh my goodness their latest one is adorable. Pinup Picnic hit the website two days ago and already everyone is going ga-ga over the quirky resin designs. I was lucky enough […]

The Cherry Blossom Heel by Lucky Lou Shoes

Lucky Lou Shoes has to be the most unique vintage reproduction shoe company around. Inspired by the original souvenir shoes of World Word II which from a little bit of googling I found out was something the American GI’s bought back from the Philippines for their wives/girlfriends. Lucky […]