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B.A.I.T. Footwear Roberta Heels

When the weather started cooling down at the start of winter a few months ago, I looked at my shoe collection and realised there was a serious lack of darker┬ácolours. I love my bright shoes but in winter, you inevitably wear more darker tones which calls for shoes […]

Crazy for Cardigan Clips!

My first pair of cardigan clips were purchased from a vendor at Viva Las Vegas in 2013. I saw them on a display mannequin and didn’t quite know what they were for exactly but knew I needed them! I love adding them to outfits for a extra touch […]

Miss L Fire Betty Heels

It’s really only in the last year that I have become brave enough to ditch the cheap ballet flats and order pretty retro inspired footwear online. Buying shoes without trying them on first had always had slightly disastrous consequences but I’ve come to know what things to look […]

BAIT Footwear Petra Shoes

When the beginning of winter was approaching I became very conscious of the fact that my shoe collection (especially my BAIT Footwear collection) was VERY summery. I felt like I needed some winter colours to help match the darker shades you tend to wear in winter and the […]

BAIT Betty Heels

I’ve done a couple of reviews of my BAIT Footwear shoes now and this time I’d like to talk about the Betty Heels! These have become probably my favourite shoes and I so hope to see more colours in the future! I really ummed and ahhed over these […]

BAIT Footwear Irella Shoes

You will all know by now that I am well and truly BAIT Footwear obsessed… I reviewed the Ida and Ione styles two weeks ago and now it’s the Irella’s turn! Initially this style was one of those ‘maybe’ ones… It eventually grew on me more and more […]

B.A.I.T. Footwear Ida/Ione

I have a confession to make… I’ve become B.A.I.T. Footwear obsessed! I never used to be that interested in shoes, I preferred to spend my money on dresses and found buying shoes for work a mission. I work on a concrete floor that is very unforgiving once you’ve […]

Sophisticated Lady Hair Flowers

With my obsession with floral prints and a wardrobe full the the brim with them, one thing I love is to add a matching flower to my hair. I’ve got quite the collection now and the majority of them come from The Sophisticated Lady on Etsy. I discovered […]