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Packing Light for Amsterdam

Tomorrow I fly to Amsterdam for 3 nights to have a girls weekend with my Mum (who lives in Dublin). It’s been a little last minute, she booked herself to go months ago before we knew we were coming to London. Just a few weeks ago she asked if […]

London Calling

Well, we made it! After 28 hours of travel, we touched down at London Heathrow last Monday afternoon. It almost didn’t seem real that we were coming to stay and not just on holiday! It’s been a week since we landed and we’ve been busy getting our lives sorted […]

Worldwide Vintage Shopping Guide

As I was travelling through the USA this time and hunting down every vintage shop possible, I thought it would be great to create vintage shopping guide for all the places I’ve visited. Now, obviously this could become a VERY long list, so I’ve really only included stores […]

LA and Tahiti | Miss VV Around The World

The final chapter for my recent travels around the USA! Catch up on Las Vegas, Orlando, St Augustine/Savannah/Pensacola and New Orleans. Tuesday Early on Tuesday morning, we flew from New Orleans to our final USA destination – Los Angeles. We arrived at 10am in the morning which was […]

New Orleans | Miss VV Around The World

Thursday After spending the night in Pensacola, we headed off to our next destination… New Orleans, Louisiana! We had watched big dark clouds roll in before we left and within 30mins of being on the road, a giant electrical storm had rolled in and poor Matt was having […]